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Roof & Fabric Appeal Fund

The village raised 56,000 to repair the roof and stonework of our lovely church, St Michael's, Crambe.

We raised 860 from the Grand Prize Draw, which is a tremendous effort, and in excess of 6,000 from the 100 Club and donations. The photography exhibition raised a further 320.

Sadly we were unsuccessful in our bid for a grant from English Heritage as they stated that our building was not in as dire a state as others who had applied!
St Michael's Church

Report and Notes on Current Condition (August 2007)

There was a sizeable and active colony of masonry bees in the south wall. The bees had burrowed deep into the wall allowing water to penetrate the core. These were removed and the walls re-pointed
In many places the walls were extensively and deeply open-jointed and some stonework was heavily eroded. Many areas needed re-pointing.
The nave roof was in very poor condition with numerous slipped, and defective slates. This was largely caused by the rotting of the original oak peg fixings. This resulted in large gaps between the slates allowing wind driven rain to enter the roof void. The only solution was to remove the slates, repair any timber work found to be defective and replace the slates with modern fixings.
The lead flashings were in poor condition allowing rainwater to run down the inside walls in a number of areas.
There were no gutters on the roof to channel the rainwater into down pipes and away from the building. The rain water from the roof poured into a stone channel surrounding the building which regularly overflowed resulting in water entering the footings causing internal dampness.